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Zaru Organics

O-Hair (Hair Supplements)

O-Hair (Hair Supplements)

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"Zaru Organics Hair Supplement" is made from all-natural and high-quality herbal ingredients. This Natural hair supplement helps in hair growth and regrowth for men and women. Highly recommended for Thinning Hair, Weak Hair, or Hair Loss, Including Balding and Receding Hair. This Hair supplement Stimulates & Nourishes Hair Follicles for Stronger, Thicker & Long-Lasting Hair.




One capsule after lunch and one capsule after dinner

Key Features

-Promotes Hair Growth & Regrowth

-Boost Scalp Health

-improves blood circulation

-balance oil production

-strengthen hair follicles

-Prevent shedding & improves hydration

-battle age-related hair loss

-Equally beneficial for both Men & Women


-Fenugreek seed

-Acacia concinna

-Holy basil

-Black seed



-Ginkgo biloba

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